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Livraison offerte en France et à l'international l Artiste de la mode et de la joaillerie

Our gemstone choice


“In the course of my career, I was lucky to meet people who transmitted me their love for stones. I was a big spender and I would rather buy some stones than go on holidays. As a matter of fact I am still awaiting for a few extra days off… 

I have known globetrotters who brought me rough gems and cut gems from their journeys. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to buy the entire stock from a generation of stones sellers. As I wanted to have these rough stones cut to increase my collection, I met lapidaries who furthered my education. Mostly the later, Mr Dominique Prudon who makes the coral flowers, the turquoises and other soft stones for the jewelers of the Place Vendome. I appreciate his work, and in fact this is he who cut some of the turquoises contained in this volume”. 

“Among all the categories of gems, I have a particular passion for tourmalines. They are the first stones I acquired. I like their enormous variety of colors, mainly when they are polychrome. 

Those which make my eyes have a thousand sparkles are spinels, sphalerites, cerussites and zircons as well as all the star gemstones or cat’s eyes gems: fascinating! 

“When I was a child, I dreamed of pearls. They still attract me. 

They flatter women so much and know no equal among minerals, they suit every skin color. They can come from the East, Asia, the south sea warm waters, this charming formation is a true invitation to poetry. Its gloss, its orient, its color, be it for Conch pearls, Melo pearls, Tridacna pearls, Abalone pearls, Fresh water pearls… They all have their glow and make the woman who wears them shine.

I met dealers and collectors who teached me how to recognize them and my reference book is La Perle et ses secrets by Jean Taburiaux”.

The drawing 


“Stones are like women, their multiple facets inspire me. I work with a wealth of gems even if I end choosing only one. I feel I need to have the choice…

I could not draw only a dress or a jewel, the abundance does not harm creativity and I am used to that. The drawing that will be chosen will be modified again before reaching Paco’s workbench, my dear jeweler”.

Precious metals


We create jewels made of yellow, white and red 18 carat gold 750, and sterling silver 925.

The preparation of the metal


Everything begins with the transformation of the raw metal. The metal is then worked in various forms (raw, plated..). For certain creations, our craftsmen also use the technique of the lost wax casting.

The jeweling and the setting


We use several techniques of jeweling and setting:

• The cabochon: mainly in a claw or in a bezel setting

• Faceted stones: mainly in a claw, grain, bezel or bar setting.

• The tortillon: technique used for bracelets and silver necklaces, made of stones or pearls.

The polishing and rhodium-plating


The polishing allows to choose the final effect which we wish to give to the jewel. Several techniques can be used as the brushed effect, the brilliant polishing, the hammered style or the grinding.


Some jewels need to pass by the stage of the rhodium-plating. It is mainly white gold or silver jewels in order to give them a brighter effect.

The stamping


Before the final polishing, the jewel is punched with the master’s stamp (the acorn) and with the stamp of the State. At the end it is laser-signed by the logo Schaix Paris. The laser allows to engrave very small parts of the jewels with great precision and to make high quality decorations on them.

“First of all, I needed to have a plate-mark patented by a guarantee office. I proposed three stylized drawings that should represent my future brand image: a reed, a sandglass and an acorn. The latter was selected by the administration and today stands next to the official hallmark on all my jewels.

Since then, this little fruit has taken a great importance in my creation and you find a pair of it with my initials ES on the handbags and all the accessories. It has become the symbol of my Maison, which I am proud of”. 


Master’s stamp



          Brightening and ultimate check


The last stage consists in brightening the jewel in order to give it the final shine. In the end the jewel is checked under all its aspects before being validated by an expert.


 The jewellery department 


In the golden circle of Paris, at the prestigious address 6 rue Saint florentin, Place de la Concorde, in the first district of the city, we will welcome you in our fine and creative universe. Come and discover our know-how a unique couture-jewellery with no equals.