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Livraison offerte en France et à l'international l Artiste de la mode et de la joaillerie

The drawing

The sketches are all made by Erik Schaix. As soon as he has a free moment, he makes a profusion of sketches to retain only one or two that he works until the final realization.

The fabrics

The fabrics are carefully selected for their quality, their colors, and their adaptations to sketch and season.

The pattern

 This is the time when the sketches are going to be made on paper. This step consists in creating the different pieces of a garment on a computer screen with the future pattern, which will then be printed in full size

The Workshop

Cutting and Mounting


The cut is made on site with the patterns. This step is for the first qualified hands who have the responsibility to carry out their own pieces.

The assembly

The assembly of the various parts of the garment as well as the finishes are realized by our fist hands.

The dressing

Once the model is assembled, it is tested by our mannequins. This step will make it possible to adjust the garment for a line and a perfect aplomb, which has made the reputation of our establishment for more than 30 years.

Couture department 

Fashion house founded in 1986, located in Place de la Concorde at 6 Rue Saint-Florentin, Paris 1er, we invite you to discover our collections in a sophisticated universe. Erik Schaix is aimed at women with strong personalities who do not need artifices to put their body in value through colors that do not leave insensitive. The Schaix style is a garment, structured with the refined cut which is recognized by its aplomb and the clarity of its lines.